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My Guide to Outstanding Meetings...

I always make it a point to treat others in the fashion I wish to be treated. That being said, I expect nothing less from my friends.

1. You will always find me reliable and punctual and I expect the same in return. 

2. Please do not stay past your allotted time. If you would like a longer date please book a longer date. Staying past your allotted time is disrespectful and shows disregard for my time.

3. I am always freshly showered and delicious for dates. When you arrive please take a moment to freshen up in the shower and use the amenities that are provided for you to ensure the best possible experience. If you have mobility issues and need assistance I am happy to help you.

4. My gift must be in plain view at my arrival or if I am hosting please casually place your gift down in my view at your arrival. Do not discuss the gift. 
5. Only professional emails with needed screening information will gain a response. 

6. A small deposit is required for all dates. If I cancel (very rare) your deposit will be refunded immediately. 

Cancellation policy: 48 hours or less 30%. 24 hours or less: 100%.

7. We are adults and what happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors. Explicit reviews are foul and I do not allow them. 

8. Health and safety is a top priority. I for one want to live a long happy life. I hope you do too!

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