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Ms Alli Lux

Greetings potential new friends and friends I have had for years!

I am your undercover lover based in beautiful Asheville NC. I pride myself in being extremely professional by way of punctuality, reliability, and

communication. I am someone you can count on to have the best time,


I am a completely down to earth companion with a true zest for life. Passion, laughter, and connection is the name of my game. I stand 5’5 with a toned trim figure. Exercise is a big part of my life. I am that hot blonde you see jogging that you want so badly!

I love all people and do not discriminate. My arms are open to all people that screen properly and respect me.


Before spending time with me, please know that I relish in engagements that are relaxed and organic. I do not enjoy "energizer-bunny" type engagements where we're "off to the races" and never stop to breathe. It's just not my thing. I prefer intimate and relaxed encounters where there is connection and mutual respect.

I enjoy being a girlfriend type companion but also enjoy entertaining folks that are a bit different with their desires with BDSM, spanking, and fetish. Please note I am not submissive. In girlfriend settings, I am slightly aggressive in a fun way. In kink/BDSM setting, I am Mistress Kitty and will put you on your knees.

Truly bi duos are my specialty that you must experience


Kisses & meows,


image1 (1).jpeg

“She is a Goddess, a Warrior worth more than her weight in Gold.  She is a Guardian, a Nurturer with spirit young and soul of old.  She has words for all Occassions, and is Wise beyond her Years.  She has a Heart as big as Oceans and will Always Face Her Fears.”

- Michelle Schaper

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